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This section describes a few examples for the grasp_surface object together with benchmarks performed on several architectures. Comparisons are made with standard POV-Ray 3.1 script using a macro derived from Chris Colefax's TRIMAP.ZIPweb , or with the mesh2 object available in MegaPOVweb . In these cases, the required include files were produced with the grasp2pov conversion utility. The goal is simply to demonstrate both speed up and memory saving for huge amounts of triangles. A single picture is shown since the differences between methods are not visible at the eye level (also the JPEG compression affects quality).

  Model descriptions

trimap POV-Ray 3.1g script using mesh objects.
Color interpolation within triangles is performed with a #macro derived from Chris Colefax's TRIMAP.MCR.
Include file generated with grasp2pov-2.2a tool.
mesh2 MegaPOV script using mesh2 objects.
Color interpolation is done via the texture_list and face_indices definitions.
Include file generated with grasp2pov-2.2a (-megapov switch).
grasp Pov4Grasp script using grasp_surface objects.
Reads directly the surface file written by GRASP.


  Architectures tested

ArchitectureOperating system Processor typePhysical memory
DEC (Compaq)Digital UNIX V4.0F Alpha EV6 500 MHz512 MBytes
SGIIRIX Release 6.5 Mips R12000 300 Mhz384 Mbytes
PCLinux RedHat 6.1 Intel PentiumIII 500 Mhz256 Mbytes



  1. Crambin protein with dicretecolors property
  2. Complex of proteins with potentials and curvatures mapping on a template surface
  3. F1 ATPase (about 800,000 triangles) colored by potentials
  4. Same F1 surface shown in different preview modes
  5. Animation of persistent object


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