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 Mar. 25, 2003
  •  It's been a long time again that those pages have not been updated  smiley  One reason is that I'm still waiting for a more stable release of POV-Ray 3.5web  that should become 3.51 (relatively) soon. Another one is that in the mean time POV-Ray 3.5 can be used with grasp2pov (see news from Aug. 14, 2001).
  •  I've added a new picture in the gallery which was rendered with the official POV-Ray 3.5 as an exemple of the above statement. The surface was constructed with MSMSweb  and the electrostatic potentials calculated in GRASP.
  •  Also added in the links section the references to Povscript+web  and the GLR homepageweb  which provides a msms2srf conversion utility (MSMS surfaces to GRASP format).

 Jun. 27, 2002
  •  OOOOOPS !! Software downloads were impossible due to a stupid mistake in a new php script  smiley  Should work well now - assuming that the server is responding without too much delay...

 Jun. 21, 2002
  •  Almost a year without updates... The whole website has migrated to PHP 4. Please change your bookmarks if they point to any page with .php3 extensions (the new ones are .php). Also the layout tries to comply as much as possible with the HTML 4.01 standards. Thus any weird appearance is due to your browser only  smiley 
  •  POV-Ray is approaching the final 3.5 release... after more than a year of heavy beta-testing. Currently it's Release Candidate 6, so it might reach a near-mature status. Still have to wait until the code will be available to the public.

 Aug. 14, 2001
  •  Back online after I moved to my new lab in Germany.
  •  Finally the gallery section now contains material !  smiley  There is one still picture and two animations available (with snapshots).
  •  The POV-Ray Team is about to release their awaited POV-Ray 3.5 in a few days or weeks. This new version will provide the mesh2 object that was introduced in MegaPOVweb  as well as many of its features. There is no plan for now to update Pov4Grasp to the future POV-Ray. I'll have to see how internal code evolved first, but have currently no time for investigation. Instead, you might use the Grasp2pov converter with -megapov option if you want to upgrade to POV-Ray 3.5 using mesh2, but this requires removing the #version instruction at the beginning of the output file.


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