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Pov4Grasp-1.31 (released 2000-10-12)

- added persistent option to grasp_surface object
- added fog_start keyword to replace the special use of fog_offset
- added test to turn off vista buffer with camera motion blur (minor effect)

Pov4Grasp-1.3 (released 2000-07-12)

- added preview modes and smooth option to grasp_surface object
- added direct filter and transmit to any property of grasp_surface
- relaxed grasp_surface object syntax, added gradient and colors_file
- cleaned code for data parsing (removed unnecessary tests)

Pov4Grasp-1.22 (released 2000-06-16)

- added several spellings for the grasp_surface object (new keywords)
- added verbose mode to grasp_surface to be compliant with POV-Ray output
- fixed and improved discretecolors property (former vertexcolor)
- fixed again grasp_surface textures handling

Pov4Grasp-1.21 (released 2000-05-24)

- improved grasp_surface texture handling to reproduce mesh behaviour
- added a few output messages
- code reorganized, fixed a minor bug

Pov4Grasp-1.2 (released 2000-04-19)

- added an experimental camera motion blur effect (moving camera)

Pov4Grasp-1.1 and earlier (not released)

- project started from POV-Ray 3.0 for UNIX (March 1998)
- added vertexcolor pattern texture for color interpolation within triangles (Mar. 1998)
- added fog_offset support for constant fog (Mar. 1998)
- added grasp_surface object (Mar. 1998)
- added template surface support (Jun. 1998)
- version 1.0: template support redefined, code cleaning (Aug-Nov. 1999)
- version 1.1: port to POV-Ray 3.1g source code (Feb. 2000)

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