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  POV-Ray related ressources

POV-Ray official siteweb 
Could you imagine to miss that one ??! This is obviously a must-see. Visit their numerous links to find other unofficial versions like Pov4Grasp and MegaPOV.

MegaPOV is a development version of the future release of POV-Ray (3.5) maintained by Nathan Kopp (member of the POV-Ray Team). Its new features are so numerous that I cannot describe all here. Among them you will find support for smoothing textures on mesh triangles, that now is used by other softwares (see below). Also you can perform a motion blur effect on any object. Visit these pages to discover all other sweeties !

The POV-Ray Include Files Pageweb 
The Chris Colefax's pages present an important set of useful include files and macros he developped for POV-Ray users. I especially used one of them, the TRIMAP.ZIP macrosweb  to compare with my implementation of per-vertex color scheme in triangles. Also you will find other interesting tools as spline generator, nice for doing animations.


  Structural biology ressources

GRASP Home Pageweb 
GRASP was probably the first software in the early 90's to focus on the molecular surface properties in a visual manner. It has become a standard for structural analysis of mostly proteins and nucleic acids.

Rasmol Home Pageweb 
Maybe the most famous, simple (yet powerful), and free software for looking at molecular structures. Runs fast and "everywhere" as a lot of architectures are supported.

MolMol is a powerful tool for displaying/analyzing molecules. POV-Ray and now MegaPOV output are supported.

Another nice tool for manipulating molecular structures. It is linked to the Swiss-Model (automated homology modelling server) and is able to read GRASP surface files among other things. Has POV-Ray/MegaPOV output support.

DINO: Visualizing Structual Biologyweb 
The new DINO software offers nice possibilities for combining the different kind of data produced in the field of structural biology, and has POV-Ray output. Its author also provides his own POV-Ray patch code to allow for smoothing colors on molecular surfaces.

Visual Molecular Dynamicsweb 
The name says all. VMD provides POV-Ray support also.

A powerful new algorithm and tool to build molecular surfaces.

GLR allows to manipulate GRASP surfaces on non-SGI machines. It used to support the Pov4Grasp syntax until POV-Ray 3.5 came out. Also its author provides the msms2srf tool which converts MSMS surface to GRASP .srf binary format.

Povscript+ is an extension to Molscriptweb which provides support for many new features including GRASP/MSMS surfaces as well as electronic density maps.


  Other tools

The Molray molecular graphics web interface homepageweb 
The Molray software has support for POV-Ray and Raster3D, is able to read Molscript scripts and also GRASP surface files.

This page is providing another tool which convert a GRASP surface file to Raster3D and POV-Ray scripts. Source code is crypted and you must e-mail the author to get the decryption key. I didn't tested it...


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