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Pov4Grasp: a patch version of POV-Ray
with direct support for GRASP molecular surface files

      Pov4Grasp is a modified version of POV-Ray (a.k.a povray) running on UNIX & Linux architectures. It is mostly designed to read GRASP surface files (.srf) in their native SGI format for high-quality rendering of fully-textured molecular surfaces, just as any standard POV-Ray object. Its advantages over the official version are fast data parsing and great memory saving, especially when producing pictures and CG animations of huge molecular surfaces. For comparison, a simple GRASP to POV-Ray conversion utility (grasp2pov console tool) is also provided here, now with MegaPOV support. Source code is available for both softwares.

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Keywords: Pov4Grasp, POV-Ray, povray, patch, grasp2pov, GRASP, molecules, molecular, surfaces, files, structures, structural, biology

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